In a previous post I talked about a new project called ‘ACS’. This is still very much ongoing and is looking good in its final stages. Allot of the functionality is in place, all that really remains is the final stage of the transaction process. The whole project is written in .NET 3 (C#) and is arguably some of my best work so far. I’m aiming to have a complete working solution by the end of next week and bringing the web application online for testing.

Aside from ACS I’ve been working franticly to get StickyThemes up and running. After a tough week it’s finally there! The design was done a while ago, it was always a case of getting around to coding the design and integrating a shopping cart. Go ahead and check it out. My plans is to release any WordPress or templates that I create, either for free or a small fee. StickyThemes will also review blogs and recommend them to visitors – this is a free service that we will be offering.

Working on StickyThemes gave me a chance to work with some different scripts. Namely Greybox, which is a ‘popup window that doesn’t suck!’. Also, I undertook some minor Flash work to give the site a lift. Although the overall look and feel was designed a while ago, it doesn’t look out of place with today’s web-design trends, which is good as it has bought me some time.

With complete I’m going to start a new theme that I will be offering through the site to compliment the launch, and possibly listing for auction. This will be aside from development on ACS of course.
Last time I wrote about picking up ‘Just Cause’ for the Xbox 360 for a bargain price – was it any good? Well, I wouldn’t have been happy if I had paid the full price, however for a quick sandbox which has a comedy flavour to the storyline, it’s well worth a blast! However, I just couldn’t help but feel that it tried to do too much for a first release. You can do a great amount of cool things, just, not very well! Whereas in the early GTA’s you could do not as much, very well. I mean, maybe they could have left out the flying of planes (of any size) and helicopters and focussed more on the driving, which would have made the game feel a bit better. Oh, and I’m not going to mention the endless amounts of bugs, but again – not surprising for a game of this size!

I will however recommend all 360 owners to pickup Splinter Cell – Double Agent if they haven’t played it! Its only three pounds from Game UK, and it’s a good play through. I’ve also recently picked up Virtua Tennis 3 and Fifa 08 after experiencing the Euro 2008 demo – it looks like they have finally surpassed the game play of Pro Evolution Soccer!

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