With all of the parts to the performance PC scattered around my floor, I think we are ready to start building the main tower. If you are building your own PC it is important that you have a nice flat worktop to build on along with a good screw driver. With this in place I am ready to move onto preparing the case:

Preparing the Case:

I mentioned the choice of case being the Lian Li PC-7 in black. From these pictures you can see that it’s a quality made case finished in black brushed aluminium. From the pictures you can see the case comes with all of the screws that you need. Our first step is to examine the case, make sure that all the fans are in order and not broken in transit. Once I had checked for any damage I was ready to fit an additional 80mm fan. This will sit in the top of the case and exhaust warm air of the top in the form of a chimney. For the job I have found a Zalman silent fan which should shift a good amount of air. In total this means we now have a case with two 120mm shifting the air through the case as well as an exhaust fan to blow air out of the top.

Pictures after the jump.


CaseCase 2Inside CaseScrews IncludedRear FanFront FanFront Removed80mm FanFan Installed


Next up, we have to install the stand-offs which raise the motherboard off the case chassis. The case came with a tool which allowed me to easily install the stand offs that were required to mount an ATX motherboard. Also included with the motherboard is an I/O plate which you can install into the back of your case which will allow you to connect your devices to the tower when the motherboard has been installed. This is a simple push in installation, no screws or extra tools are required! I also placed the motherboard inside the case to check I had all of the mounts in place and that the jacks on the back of the board line up correctly with the I/O plate that I had slotted in place. It is important that you inspect the motherboard at this point for any defects before proceeding any further with the build.


Motherboard BoxInside the BoxMotherboard in all its GloryInstalling the Stand OffsI/O Plate Installed

With the Motherboard mounts in place and the case ready for the components we are ready to start the more delicate building procedures. In the next part of this series I will be installing the CPU, applying the thermal paste and adding aftermarket cooler we purchased – the Tuniq Tower 120.


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